• Instant Activation  • No Expiration   • No hidden charges   • No contracts   • Pinless Dial   • Speed Dial
Gold Calling Plans
Call Plan Plan Min Amount Validity Order  
Gold $9.95 Unlimited Sign up    
Gold Calling Rates
India 2.9¢, Bahrain 7¢, Saudi Arabia 12¢, Kuwait 12¢, Pakistan 8¢,9Bangladesh 6¢, Nepal 7¢, Sri Lanka 12¢, Mexico 6¢, Nicaragua 16¢, Honduras 15¢, Guatemala 6¢, El Salvador 15¢, Peru 16¢ more
Diamond Calling Plans
Call Plan Plan Min Amount Validity Order  
Diamond $99.95 Unlimited Sign up    
Diamond Calling Rates
India 3¢, Bahrain 5¢, Saudi Arabia 10¢, Kuwait 10¢, Pakistan 6¢, 9angladesh 4¢, Nepal 5¢, Sri Lanka 10¢, Mexico 4¢, Nicaragua 12¢, Honduras 11¢, Guatemala 4¢, El Salvador 12¢, Peru 14¢ more
Calling Features
Exceptional Voice Quality

Crystal clear voice quality. Don't be fooled by poor voice quality lines. Multiple carrier backup to make sure calls are always delivered
Pinless Dial
You can register upto 3 phone numbers in your account. You do not need PIN number when you call from the registered phone lines
Speed Dial
You can single digit to call frequently called numbers. Once you call our access numbers, press the digit you pre-programmed to get connected to your international numbers
Online Account Management
Manage your account online. You could check your balance minutes, recharge your account, register new numbers etc.
Lowest rates

No one can beat our voice quality, yet we provide the plans at rates no one is providing.
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