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The Godsowncall services are provided to you by Boby Paul & Associates, Inc. (dba Godsowncall) in accordance with the terms and conditions available online at www.Godsowncall.com.

Please note that all rates and charges for the Godsowncall services are subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions available on line at www.Godsowncall.com. Unless otherwise stated, all changes in such rates and charges will become effective immediately upon posting on the website or as otherwise indicated. With respect to your usage of purchased minutes, all usage will be rounded up to the next full 2 minutes (i.e., 1 minute and 20 seconds of actual usage of your minutes will be rounded up to 3 minutes of usage). Any calls longer than 5 minutes will be charging 1 full minute charge as disconnect fee. Also, all payments shall be subject to taxes, fees, surcharges and other applicable assessments, including without limitation, a $0.99 per call surcharge for your use of a payphone to access the Godsowncall services.

In addition, all intellectual property rights and goodwill in or relating to the Godsowncall goods and/or services belong exclusively to Godsowncall. It is expressly recognized and acknowledged that your use of the Godsowncall goods and/or services does not constitute any form of license or right to use any intellectual property rights of Godsowncall or its affiliates without its express written permission.

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